Wall Insulation

The most common form of wall insulation found in Australian homes are insulation batts which are usually made of either glasswool or polyester. Reflective insulation can also be used for wall insulation and typically come in reflective boards like Foilboard or Coolfoil, or reflective rolls such as Air-Cell. To get the absolute best performance from your wall insulation, we recommend that you use both insulation batts and reflective insulation together.

Wall insulation provides both thermal insulation and sound insulation and here at Thermostruct Thermal Solutions we supply the broadest range of wall insulation materials.

Whether it’s thermal insulation or acoustic insulation you are after, we can help you with product choice and installation advice.

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Brand R-value (batts only) Material Type
Air-Cell R1.5 – 430mm Polyester thermal insulation
Autex R1.5 – 580mm Glasswool thermal insulation
Bradford R2.0 – 430mm Polyester sound insulation
Coolfoil R2.0 – 580mm Glasswool sound insulation
Foilboard R2.5 – 430mm Reflective insulation boards
Knauf R2.5 – 580mm Reflective insulation rolls
Polyester Solutions R2.7+ – 430mm ALL WALL INSULATION PRODUCTS
R2.7+ – 580mm