Shed Insulation

Insulating your shed can make a huge difference, particularly if you house sensitive items such as produce or animals, or if you spend quite a bit of time in the shed yourself. Just like your home, you can insulate most areas of your shed including the roof, walls and floor.

Different insulation materials will have different effects on your shed depending on its orientation and the building fabric used. The most common form of shed insulation is reflective insulation, however insulation batts are also sometimes used in conjunction with an internal lining like plasterboard to hold the batts in place and create a sealed barrier between the external fabric and the inside of your shed. Although, a combination of insulation batts and reflective insulation will generally provide the best performance.

At Thermostruct we supply a wide range of insulation for your shed which includes reflective insulation (Air-Cell, Foilboard and Coolfoil etc.), and insulation batts (Autex, Bradford and Knauf etc.). We also stock an extensive range of roofing blanket which offers both reflective insulation as well as batts in an all-in-one product.
Whatever your shed insulation requirements are, we can help you with product choice and installation.

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