Ceiling and Roof Insulation

Did you know that in Australian homes, between 25% and 35% of heat loss and heat gain occurs through the ceiling and roof? By installing correct insulation in your ceiling and roof, you can drastically reduce the amount of heat loss and heat gain in your home and in turn you can save between 20% and 40% on your heating and cooling bills. Ceiling and roof insulation can also drastically reduce moisture problems. Furthermore most ceiling and roof insulation have good sound insulation qualities.

At Thermostruct we supply a wide range of polyester and glasswool ceiling batts as well as, roofing blanket and reflective insulation materials produced by top quality manufacturers. These include Autex, Bradford, Knauf and Air-Cell, to name a few.

Whether it’s thermal insulation or acoustic insulation you are after, we can help you with product choice and installation advice.

Please take a look at the links below for more information on our products and pricing and feel free to call one of our friendly staff members on 1300 476 629 for any advice or to place an order.

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Brand R-value (batts only) Material Type
Air-Cell R2.5 – 430mm Polyester thermal insulation
Autex R2.5 – 580mm Glasswool thermal insulation
Bradford R3.0 – 430mm Polyester sound insulation
Coolfoil R3.0 – 580mm Glasswool sound insulation
Foilboard R3.5 – 430mm Reflective insulation boards
Knauf R3.5 – 580mm Reflective insulation rolls
Polyester Solutions R4.0+ – 430mm Roofing blanket